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Shiva Murti Energy Clearing Session (60 mins)

Breathwork and meditation

Shiva Murti Energy Clearing Session (does not use physical touch)

Healing Touch and Energy Clearing Session (90 mins - 2 hrs)
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★ Full body healing touch practice with customized aromatherapy and coconut oil treatment

★ Breathwork and meditation

★ Shiva Murti Energy Clearing Session

Post-session tea ceremony

Healing Touch, Energy Clearing and Plant Medicine Session (2 -2.5 hrs)

★ Micro-dose ceremony

★ Full body healing touch practice with customized aromatherapy, CBD, and coconut oil treatment

Breathwork and meditation

★ Shiva Murti Energy Clearing Session

★ Post-session tea ceremony

Pre-Energy Healing Session (within 24 hrs)

Keep your diet light with fresh foods and plenty of water.

Avoid interacting with alcohol or chemical based drugs.

Begin to contemplate and/or journal about your intentions for the healing.

Since the session is in the comfort of your home, please prepare a space that feels calming, putting away any access clutter.


Your Healing Session (90 mins)


 Wear the level of clothing that you're comfortable with.

When we arrive we will set up an alter and begin with a mediation. 

Micro-dose of plant medicine is optional. (must be arranged at the time of scheduling).

You will then take a short warm shower to initiate relaxation in your body, during this time we will prepare the healing space.

For your session you can choose to wear clothing, or like a traditional massage you can wear no clothing. Please wear undergarments. If you choose to wear clothing please wear a tank top and shorts or loose pants, which would give access to your legs up to your knees. 

We will go through an initial assessment to locate any particular areas of pain or energetic blocks, and map out certain pressure points.

Our Energy Healing is an active process where we will be asking you questions along the way and engaging in deep breath work. 

We use coconut oil on your skin, so please let us know if you have any allergies or sensitivities.

Post- Healing Session 


Please give yourself several hours of space after your session to integrate the healing.  Avoid a lot of engagement with technology or high stress interactions. If you can rest or sleep after the session that is ideal. 

Keep your diet light for the remainder of the day and drink plenty of water. 

Often times emotions are part of the release during the session. It is helpful to journal about anything that may have come up during the healing.

Avoid going into large groups of people or social events for the remainder of that day, or at least for 4-5 hours after. 

Avoid alcohol and chemical based drugs for 24 hrs.

Indulge in self-care and love yourself for taking this time to heal and feel better.

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