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Eden Coriann Bright (They/Them) has been cultivating their psychic and energy healing practices for over 8 years. By engaging the pineal gland, also known as the third eye, they are able to see and interact with the energy in the body. 

Eden began to explore the power of healing of touch within the body's pressure point system, after studying martial arts. Understanding this biological system, can trigger the experience of pain or pleasure when activated by a certain amount of pressure.


They use this system to support the body into deep relaxation, which allows the energetic body to be revealed. 


They are certified in the energy healing practice call Shiva Murti. This is an ancient healing practice well known and used for medical treatments in Bali.  It it a gift and honor to be among a small group of healers in America that Shiva Murti Master Teacher Ratu Nabe taught this powerful healing modality to, and to now practice this with you. 


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